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Meet the Business Owner

Business Owner- Erick Monzo

“Real Estate always came naturally to me. With mentorship from two Realtor grandparents and a residential investor father, I developed the passion early and have been doing deals ever since. One property at a time, I built a large block of turn-key rental properties based primarily in Macomb County. In 2004, I decided to expand my investor skill set by getting my Realtors license. The business came easy to me considering I have been around it my whole life. One deal led to another, which eventually led to a contact offer to market homes for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This contract brought me to another level and enabled me to create a solid marketing plan while bringing employees on to grow the business. Since our HUD account, we have serviced dozens of banks and credit unions over the years. A large portion of our inventory sold to investors and we developed close relationships with a large number of them. With this high level of performance, our business continues to expand with a large presence in the estate and probate sale market.”

Kevin Weatherby

Kevin Weatherby

Miles West

Miles West

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Ralph Marino

ISA, Realtor ®

Our Fabulous ISA Department

Anthony Smith

ISA Manager, Head ISA, Realtor ®

Miranda Casias

ISA, Realtor ®
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Jamond Green


Introducing: The Staff

Beth Wojt

Beth Wojt

Office Manager, REALTOR ®
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Rhonda Feldpausch

Listing Coordinator

Nicole Scott

Investor Liason, REALTOR ®
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Gina Parilla