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Exclusive Seller’s Page

You've Made the Best Choice

The Monzo Group believes in:

  • Providing our clients the education and the tools to create weath and cat every level of their real estate venture- whether they are selling their first home or have sold many properties in the past.
  • Striving to keep our clients informed and educated every step of the way- because an informed client is the best client.
  • Keeping our process streamlined from the initial conversation to the day you close- and every minute in between- allowing us to have a lower average DOM (days on market) and a faster CTC (contract to close) timeline than any other group in the region.
  • Being dedicated to making each sale run quickly and smoothly, while keeping our eye on maximum profit for our client.

Our business was built on a foundation of passion in real estate and investments.

We've expanded our business throughout the years by learning, gaining experience, pushing to stay up-to-date on real estate trends, and providing a thorough service.

We have kept our business growing and returning based on our reputation of integrity, efficiency, and the life-long relationships we develop with our clients.

Thank you for placing your confidence in myself and The Monzo Group as a whole to sell your home; we will be in touch again soon!


Erick Monzo